lashes, lashing, lashed
1) N-COUNT: usu pl Your lashes are the hairs that grow on the edge of your upper and lower eyelids.

...sombre grey eyes, with unusually long lashes...

Joanna studied him through her lashes.

2) VERB If you lash two or more things together, you tie one of them firmly to the other.

[V n to n] Secure the anchor by lashing it to the rail...

[V pl-n with together] The shelter is built by lashing poles together to form a small dome...

[V n with adv] Cindy lashed her motorboat alongside...

[V n with adv] We were worried about the lifeboat which was not lashed down. [Also V n]

3) VERB If wind, rain, or water lashes someone or something, it hits them violently. [WRITTEN]

[V n] The worst winter storms of the century lashed the east coast of North America...

[V prep/adv] Suddenly rain lashed against the windows...

[V prep/adv] The rain was absolutely lashing down.

[V-ing] ...gales of lashing rain.

4) VERB If someone lashes you or lashes into you, they speak very angrily to you, criticizing you or saying you have done something wrong.

[V n] She went quiet for a moment while she summoned up the words to lash him...

[V into n] The report lashes into police commanders for failing to act on intelligence information.

N-SING: det N
Lash is also a noun.

Never before had he felt the full lash of John's temper.

5) N-COUNT A lash is a thin strip of leather at the end of a whip.
6) N-COUNT A lash is a blow with a whip, especially a blow on someone's back as a punishment.

The villagers sentenced one man to five lashes for stealing a ham from his neighbor.

7) VERB If someone lashes another person, they hit that person with a whip.

[V n] They snatched up whips and lashed the backs of those who had fallen.

8) V-ERG If an animal lashes its tail, or if its tail lashes, it moves its tail very fast and violently.

[V n prep] When in danger, the anteater lashes its tail round a branch...

[V adv/prep] They tried to get the harpoon into the ray before the sting tail came lashing over to retaliate...

[V-ing] Don't go near that lashing tail. [Also V n, V]

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